Resina de Benjuí

Resina de Benjuí

(Liquidambar styraciflua)

Styrax resinoid is a natural balsam formed from the sapwood and bark of the Liquidambar styraciflua tree. The balsam is collected in a container below the incisions made in the bark and sapwood. It has been used in medicinal preparations for centuries.

This material is cleaned to become a resinoid that is a dark olive to brown, thick liquid with a deep, sweet note.

This resinoid is anti inflammatory, anti microbial, stimulating and promotes healing.

Medicinally, it is mixed with olive oil to treat scabies.

Styrax resinoid is used as a perfumery ingredient, incense and medicine.

This tree grows wild in America. The name Liquidambar is from the French liquid ambre.

Styrax resinoid coats the hair, softens it and adds shine, too. We use styrax resinoid in our Coolaulin hair conditioner to make the hair more manageable and to give intense shine.