Color 42045

Color 42045

(Colour 42045)

Colour 42045 is also known as Acid Blue 1. We use these bright, turquoise shades in our products. Colour adds to the aesthetic of a product and enhances the experience, making the products more fun and exciting. 

We use 42045 in our Ice Blue and Sea Vegetable soaps to create blue-green colours.

We also use 42045 in our Whoosh Shower Jelly.

Synthetic colours are regulated and approved for safe use by different governing bodies around the world. In the United States, colours for cosmetics must be specially pre-approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Each colour is designated by the letters FD&C (meaning suitable for food, drug and cosmetics), followed by a colour and number designation. The European Union has a colour index using the prefix CI before a number.