Absoluto de Hoja de Violeta

Absoluto de Hoja de Violeta

(Viola odorata)

Violet leaf absolute is obtained by solvent extraction from the leaves of the Viola odorata plant by solvent extraction.

It is thick and dark green with a strong, leafy and floral aroma, which helps us to add fresh, grassy notes to fragrances.

This absolute is said to be antibacterial and antiseptic, making it an excellent ingredient in skincare products.

It is produced primarily in Egypt where it has been in production since the early 20th century. Violets have to be planted alongside corn to be shaded from the strong Egyptian sunlight.

Harvesting begins in May, recurs every 70 days through the summer and autumn, and finally ceases in December. The farmer's networks bring the leafy material to the factories where it is transformed into a rich, green liquid.

In perfume compositions, very little is needed in the final fragrance. Consequently, the tonne of violet leaf absolute that is produced in Egypt each year will account for around 90% of worldwide production.

Violet leaf absolute forms the basis of our Daddyo shampoo’s characteristic violet scent.

We use violet leaf absolute in our Skin\'s Shangri La facial moisturiser as part of the cream's perfume and to improve the skin condition.