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Polvo de Calamina

Polvo de Calamina

(Calamine Powder)

The name calamine is rooted in Latin, ‘calamina,’ which stems from the Greek, ‘kadmeia,’ meaning ‘Cadmean earth.’ This is a reference to Cadmus, the legendary founder of Thebes.

Calamine powder is mainly zinc oxide (ZnO), a white powder, with a dash of iron oxide, combining to produce a pretty, light pink powder.

Zinc oxide is also known as zinc white (or Chinese white,) and is used in medicinal ointments as an antiseptic. It comes from the mineral zincite, which is transformed into zinc oxide when exposed to high temperatures.

Calamine powder is one of the main constituents of the traditional calamine lotion that is used extensively to relieve redness, stinging and irritation of the skin.

Historically, it has been mixed with rose water to create a soothing face mask. We use calamine powder in our Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask for its skin calming effect.

Calamine powder has also traditionally been used in face powders, dusting powders and toothpastes. It is one of the absorbent and soothing bases included in our Karma dusting powder.

Calamine powder treats the skin with a gentle toning and antiseptic action. The ability to calm the skin makes it a perfect ingredient in our Dreamwash shower smoothie.