Extracto de Pétalos de Girasol

Extracto de Pétalos de Girasol

(Helianthus annuus)

The sunflower, belonging to the Asteraceae plant family, is an annual flower that grows up to 15 feet tall on a long, hairy stem and has large flowers on top, usually 7cm-30cm wide.

The petals obtained from the plant contain a yellow dye.

The Latin name Helianthus annuus is derived from the Greek words helios and anthos, meaning sun and flower.

Whole plants are harvested as flowering begins and used fresh for liquid extracts and tinctures. Seeds are collected in autumn and used fresh, pressed for oil or roasted.

The sunflower originates from South America, but it is now grown all over the world.

We currently buy the Polish/Hungarian petals.

Sunflowers, especially the seeds, are packed full of different vitamins and minerals that enhance growth and repair including protein, vitamins D, B, E and K, among many others.

We freshly prepare our sunflower extract in olive oil.

We use a sunflower petal extract in our Imperialis moisturiser for its soothing quality on the skin.