Bicarbonato de Sodio

Bicarbonato de Sodio

(Sodium Bicarbonate)

In 1846, John Dwight and his brother-in-law, Dr Austin Church, invented bicarbonate of soda. It was made from carbon dioxide and treated soda ash. Combined with cream of tartar, it makes the texture of cake and bread lighter. These two products form baking powder.

Our suppliers have been producing sodium bicarbonate on their site for almost 100 years. They are now the only manufacturer in the U.K. They use two main ingredients: salt and limestone. These are naturally occurring and sourced locally.

Bicarbonate of soda is very soothing, used for insect bites, eczema, and minor sunburn. It also calms indigestion and heartburn, and it is used for kidney complaints as well. It is being used to help neutralise acidic gases, which is helping to improve the environment.

Sodium bicarbonate softens the water and promotes circulation. These properties make it an excellent ingredient for our Bath Ballistics. In combination with citric acid – and hot water, of course – carbon dioxide is created. This appears as fizzing, whizzing bubbles. Bath bombs are fantastically popular and they must be one of the greatest phenomena to hit the cosmetic industry for many decades. These include Avobath, Geo Phyzz, Sex Bomb, and Think Pink.  We are the proud inventors of the bath bomb.

This simple combination of ingredients is very versatile. Different colours and fragrances can be added.  We use flowers, fruits, herbs, different types of salt, and seaweed, to name but a few. There are many favourites: Big Blue bath ballistic, Blackberry bath bomb, Tisty Tosty bath ballistic, Honey Bee bath ballistic and Butterball bath ballistic.

  Essential oils are particularly effective in bath bombs. The fizzing bubbles heighten the effects of the essential oils as they envelope the senses.

Sodium bicarbonate is part of the mixture that makes our innovative, exclusive bubble bars. In combination with a shampoo base, a paste-like texture is formed. With this very versatile paste, we can make an endless variety of different shapes. We can then add as many natural ingredients as we like. Our Bubble Bars were invented with the belief that bath bubbles should be big, frothy and voluminous, rather than the weak, thin ones we found in other products.

Sodium bicarbonate is used in every one of our Bubble Bars, including The Comforter, Flosty Gritter, Amandopondo bubble bar, Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar, Creamy Candy bath bubble bar and Ma Bar bath ballistic.

We use sodium bicarbonate with soft absorbent powders and finely ground herbs – such as sage, rosemary, tea tree and lycopodium – in our Greeench deodorant. A deodorant powder like this is very easy to apply and will not stretch or pull the skin. Alongside these powders, we have used anti-microbial tea tree oil to keep bacteria under control.

Sodium bicarbonate is an absorbent powder in our Aromarant deodorant.