Sorbete en Polvo

Sorbete en Polvo


Sherbet is a popular confectionery product that can be eaten on its own or in combination with other sweets. Firm favourites include sherbet lemons, sherbet fountains, sherbet dips and, of course, flying saucers.

Confectioners’ sherbet is a made from sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and sugar. By combining an acid (citric acid) and a base (sodium bicarbonate), you create a powder that fizzes, when it comes into contact with moisture, due to the production of carbon dioxide.

Sherbet powder has a long tradition and was used to make effervescing drinks before carbonation was popular. You could buy little sachets of flavoured sherbet to add to water.

Sherbet is often flavoured with lemon, orange, strawberry, and cola.

In the Middle East, sherbet refers to syrup made from fruit juices or extracts of flowers or herbs combined with sugar and water. The syrup is then diluted at a later time to create a drink.

We make our own sherbet in our factory, using British icing sugar and sodium bicarbonate

Our sherbet powder has a very soothing, gentle effect on the lips.

We use sherbet in Lip Dip lip scrub to create a fine, soothing, sweet product to scrub your lips. It also tastes pretty good when you lick your lips, too!