Yogurt Orgánico

Yogurt Orgánico

(Organic Yoghurt)

Yoghurt is a fermented dairy product with a slightly sour taste. It can be made from any commonly used animal milk and it is a popular culinary ingredient around the world.

Americans and Europeans prefer yoghurt made from cow's milk, but in Egypt, it is common to make it from the milk of the water buffalo.

The origin of yoghurt is mysterious. As we know it today, yoghurt was probably first made in either the Balkans or Turkey, but soured milk products were known to the Ancients, too.

Persian women used yoghurt as a beauty product and there are many stories about it. According to legend, yoghurt even lengthens lifespan.

Yoghurt is a popular folk remedy for sunburn, itchy scalps and yeast infections. In modern medicine, it is sometimes used to dress wounds, as it is very soothing and moisturising.

Yoghurt owes its sour taste to the lactic acid content. When added to a product, yoghurt helps to adjust the pH level. It is rich in protein and calcium.

Yoghurt is skin-soothing and moisturising. It feels pleasant and cooling when applied.

The protein content can help to condition the hair, which is why we use it in our Retread hair conditioner for extra shine.

We use organic (unflavoured) yoghurt in The Sacred Truth fresh face mask for its cooling and soothing qualities.

Our Retread conditioner contains organic yoghurt to coat and condition the hair.