Lauryl Betaine

Lauryl Betaine

(Lauryl Betaine)

Lauryl betaine is a synthetic, vegetable-derived liquid. It is clear or pale yellow. It was first discovered as an extract of sugar beets.

It is a hair and skin conditioner, a mild surface-active agent (surfactant) and works well in shampoo, shower gel or any cleansing product.

Surfactants are part water-soluble and part oil-soluble, allowing the oil and water to become dispersed. Lauryl betaine is capable of carrying both a positive and a negative charge, making it a useful stabiliser.

It improves quality and stability of foam, making it more durable in the presence of oil and dirt.

The mildness of lauryl betaine (and its skin and hair conditioning properties) makes this an excellent ingredient to use across our range of shower gels, shampoos and bath products.

We use it in combination with citrus oils in our Happy Hippy shower gel for its tough action against dirt. This leaves you feeling clean and uplifted every morning.

We use lauryl betaine in our Cynthia Sylvia Stout and Curly Wurly shampoos as a mild surfactant, hair conditioner and to create rich, creamy lather.