Vinagre Balsámico

Vinagre Balsámico

(Balsamic Vinegar)

Vinegars formed an important part of ancient hair rinses and skin treatments. We use various types of vinegars across a range of our products. Balsamic vinegar is usually found in our hair care.

Balsamic vinegar is a staple of Italian cooking and it’s used in ways we might recognise (in salad dressings; to marinade fish and meat dishes) and in ways we might not - such as drizzled on ice cream or on fresh strawberries to enhance their flavour! We liked this last combination so much that we used it in our rich

Using various vinegars for cosmetic purposes goes back centuries - vinegars are highly acidic and help to preserve natural cosmetics.

Vinegars characteristically taste very sour; however, balsamic vinegar is distinctively different with a rich, sweet/sour flavour and thicker, syrupy consistency.

Balsamic vinegar is prepared from white grapes and wine vinegar. It is placed in wooden barrels and aged for up to 25 years. Each variety gains some flavour from the type of wood used for barrels.

The traditional method of production originated in Italy and has been used there for centuries. Makers of traditional balsamic vinegar are as protective about the status of the true aged varieties as you would expect a wine grower to be about the character of a good vintage.

Balsamic vinegar in our

which smoothes down the cuticles on the hair shaft allowing light to be reflected evenly. Balsamic vinegar has a resinous

syrupy quality that conditions hair even more than other vinegars."