Absoluto de Jengibre

Absoluto de Jengibre

(Zingiber officinale)

For centuries, Ginger baths have been traditionally used to promote relaxation and to help our body eliminate toxins.

The mature ginger roots are harvested, stored whole and ground into a powder.

Powdered ginger stimulates the circulation and warms the skin. We find it particularly useful in its powdered form for certain formulae, like ballistics.

Dried ginger root is hotter than the fresh root or rhizome.

Dried, ground ginger is used to flavour foods, confectionery, soft drinks and preserves.

Chinese medical herbalists use the rhizome to soothe mucous membranes for chesty coughs, colds, flu and asthma. Ayurvedic medicine treats a heavy head cold with a ginger footbath.

The rhizome, or underground stems, are widely used in medicine.

The medicinal use of ginger is well documented in the British pharmacopoeia.

Ginger was one of the first herbs to travel to Europe from China in the 1st century, and was well known in England by the 11th century.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) thrives in humid climes. The finest ginger is said to be grown in Jamaica.