Arcilla Fullers

Arcilla Fullers

(Fullers Earth)

Textile workers, or fullers as they were once called, would clean raw wool by kneading it in a mixture of water and fine earth. The ‘earth’ consisted of a number of clays. This process cleaned the fibres by absorbing dirt, oil and other contaminants.

Modern fuller’s earth is fine-grained, crumbly and has higher water content.

Fuller’s earth is used industrially for a whole range of processes from refining vegetable oil to the manufacture of kitty litter.

Most of the natural deposits of fuller’s earth are found in England, USA and Japan.

Clays provide a stable base for essential oils.

Fuller’s earth is an excellent material for face masks.

We’ve used fuller’s earth in our Ayesha and Love Lettuce fresh face masks to absorb excess oil and dirt, and to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

We use fuller’s earth in our Hair Doctor hair moisturiser for its texture and its ability to absorb oil and cleanse the scalp.