Hierba Fresca

Hierba Fresca

(Triticum Aestivum vulgare)

Wheat is one of the oldest cultivated plants and its history can be traced back 10,000 years. It is thought that early Middle Eastern, Egyptian and Chinese civilisations domesticated it from wild grasses found in Central Asia.

Wheat crops became very important to the Romans, and as their empire grew, so did the spread of wheat as a food staple. During the Dark Ages, wheat all but disappeared from the European menu, as only the rich could afford it. It only became affordable to all around the 19th century.

European colonists heading for America brought wheat and other grain with them in the 15th and 16th centuries and today wheat is grown in almost every country.

Wheatgrass is wheat sprouted to the point where it resembles grass. It is chiefly made up of chlorophyll and contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes and protein.

Wheatgrass is a popular as a health food supplement in fresh, juiced and tablet form. Many believe that wheat grass helps to purify the blood and aid the liver in digesting toxins.

In skincare, wheatgrass is antioxidant and skin conditioning.

We liquidise our fresh wheatgrass and blend it straight into our products.

We use fresh wheatgrass in The Sacred Truth fresh face mask for its antioxidant and moisturising qualities. The beneficial minerals, vitamins and enzymes are applied directly to the face, treating you to some of nature’s finest materials.