Zumo Fresco de Limón Orgánico

Zumo Fresco de Limón Orgánico

(Citrus limonum)

The origin of Lemon is not known, but it can be found growing in Asia and East India and Italy. We use Sicilian Lemons and buy these from our supplier in Sicily. Citrus limonum is a thorny, evergreen tree with irregular branches, bearing glistening, oval leaves. Its flowers are white-and-pink tinged and strongly perfumed, which become the lemon fruit.

We buy organic lemons, grown without pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals, which means you get the full, natural benefits of the juice. We then juice them and add them straight into our fresh, handmade cosmetics.

Lemons are versatile and the juice is used both in drinks and in marinades, providing a great alternative to vinegar in salad dressings.

Lemon juice is antiseptic and astringent and contains high levels of vitamin C.

We use fresh organic lemon juice in The Blonde solid truckle and Marilyn hair moisturiser to lighten the hair.  It is a powerful degreaser and helps to tone the scalp, too, making blondes more vibrant.

Our Gorgeous facial moisturiser contains organic lemon juice, which works to tone and purify the skin in combination with other delicious ingredients.

We use fresh organic lemon juice in our Sexy Peel soap and Whoosh shower jelly for its refreshing and toning action.

Fresh organic lemon juice is an ideal ingredient for shampoos and conditioners to tone the scalp and give shine to the hair. We have used it in our Curly Wurly and Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoos, and Coolaulin and Veganese hair conditioners.