Aceite de Artemisa

Aceite de Artemisa

(Artemisia herba-alba)

Armoise oil is distilled from dried Artemisia herba alba herb (white wormwood) which is also known as armoise herbe blanche in French. The shrub-like plant has hairy, silvery leaves and can thrive even in arid conditions.

There are around 300 species in the Artemisia genus. They grow wild around northern temperate regions, South Africa and South America. Artemisias are also popular as ornamental plants and some species are favoured in flower arrangements for their freshly fragrant leaves.

Many Artemisia species have been used in folk medicine for intestinal conditions, as topical antiseptics and for diabetes. Artemisia abrotanum mixed with old salad oil was offered by Culpeper as a cure for baldness in The English Physician Enlarged, 1653.

Artemisia herbs have extremely bitter taste. Artemisia absinthium was one of the original flavours in absinthe, but its use as a flavouring was banned after the discovery that the thujone content in the oil was addictive.

Armoise oil gives The Boogg Bath Ballistic a green, slightly bitter-sweet herbal note.