Absoluto de Cacao

Absoluto de Cacao

(Theobroma cacao)

The cacao tree (Theobroma cacao) is native to tropical America and grows to approximately 30 feet tall. It begins to bear fruit in its fourth year. The ripe, dark reddish-brown pods yield 20-50 seeds, which are known as cocoa beans.

It is to the Aztecs that we owe our knowledge of the marvellous Cacao tree. They roasted the beans from the trees in pots and crushed them between stones to form a paste. This paste was then diluted with water and spiced with annatto, anise seeds, red peppers and cinnamon. The mixture was beaten and stirred slowly over a fire until it became a bubbling liquid. This was truly a food of the Gods as the name ‘Theobroma’ suggests. The Greek ‘theos’ means ‘god’ and ‘broma’ means food – hence ‘Food of the Gods.’

Cocoa absolute is extracted by solvent extraction. The absolute is very thick and dark brown, and it has a rich, dark chocolate aroma.

 Cocoa absolute is one of the more difficult materials to blend and requires heating before use.

We use it in our product perfumes, flavours and fine fragrances.

It is cultivated all over the world in China, Africa, Brazil and Guatemala and many others.

We use many ingredients derived from the cocoa bean because they are so beneficial and inspiring. Cocoa butter forms the base of our massage bars and many of our emulsions, for example, and our Cupcake face mask wouldn’t be the same without cocoa powder.

Our delicious Whipstick lip balm contains cocoa absolute, making it one of the tastiest and most beneficial balms available.