Aceite de Brote de Clavo

Aceite de Brote de Clavo

(Eugenia caryopyllus)

The clove is a tropical evergreen tree of the myrtle (Myrtaceae) family. The tree can grow to be 90 years old and may yield 800lbs to 1,000lbs of cloves per year.

The familiar clove buds are the dried, aromatic flowers of the tree. They are picked before the blossoms open and dried for 48 hours in the sun, becoming brown in the process.

The essential oil is extracted from the flower buds by steam distillation; it is yellow to dark brown with a warm, rich, spicy and sweet aroma. It is often used to freshen breath in toothpastes, mouthwash and lozenges.

The main constituent of the oil is eugenol. Clove bud oil possesses analgesic (pain relieving) properties and it is still used to fight toothache, mouth ulcers and infections today. It is antiseptic, stimulating and boosts circulation.

In India, clove is an ingredient in love potions.

We use clove buds to decorate products for Christmas, as it is a traditional Christmas spice in Europe and the United States.

We use the spicy essential oil distilled from clove leaf and clove bud oil in warming perfume blends. Pied De Pepper foot lotion contains clove bud oil to increase blood circulation which helps to keep the feet warm, comfortable and healthy.

We use clove bud oil in all of our Les Cacas hair colours to improve the smell, and for its stimulant properties on the scalp.

Brazened Honey fresh face mask has clove bud oil for its antiseptic quality. 

We use clove bud oil in our New shampoo bar to stimulate the hair follicles for healthy hair growth.